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Andrew Gram (jtst*@*ail.com)

Slope soaring (gliders) was what got me into RC flight. I couldn’t get the hang of it at first (this was before EPP foam came into common use). I gave up on it, put my

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Sintheta2 (abar*@*ook.com)

Flying helps me overcome the stress that I feel while studying for long hours. It’s a great hobby and I can definitely show of my flying skills to my friends and family.

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JOHN GALT (john*@*tch.com)

Many of The Astronauts and Military pilots that defend the US interests, not to mention scientists, and innovators of the last and this century have started their careers after a youth filled with model aircraft

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Retired 71 years young, keep me active and in contact with like minded people. Due to Rheumatoid Arthritis and deformities to my hands and feet this hobby gives me a natural way of keeping and

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UAVs/Model aircraft that are not GPS equipped and do not exceed a certain weight, i.e., 5kg, should not be subject to more rules and regulations (if flown in unpopulated areas or at official flying fields).

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Bill Clark (bill*@*p.co.za)

This is very sad for what is after all a hobby. As citizens we need to be responsible and nearly all hobbyists are. To lose our fantastic hobby for the very few is extremely sad.

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Ian Lauder (laud*@*ail.com)

when you’ve built and flown remote-controlled aircraft and quadcopters for the last 20 years without any incidence and any danger to private property public or persons then why is there a need to over regulate

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Winston Smith (wins*@*tor.com)

My main concern is the impact this will have on education and the restriction of a hobby for comercial gain for a minority (eg. Commercialization of the 0 – 400ft airspace). There is currently no

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Mike Menace (mike*@*ail.com)

I am a full-time caregiver for a muscular dystrophy patient with, as you can probably imagine, extreme mobility issues. In fact, his ability to move any parts of his body aside from his hands and

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