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Wes Lewis (wes.*@*ail.com)

I have been flying Radio controlled aircraft since the 70’s and have been a member of the AMA for most of that time, I have been flying fpv for the last 5 years and have

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Tye McClain (tyet*@*aol.com)

Flying is a central part of my life! It’s my social outlet, it’s my favorite activity, it fills a role in my home life too! I love to build, repair, innovate, troubleshoot and work with

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Aaron Kettering (aket*@*ail.com)

Flying RC planes began as a bonding experience between my father and I more than 20 years ago. As I grew up and watched the innovation and development of the hobby- building and flying FPV

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Darrin D (darr*@*ail.com)

20 years ago I was injured racing motorcycles. I have a spinal cord injury and am confined to a wheelchair. 6 years ago when I discovered building, flying and racing drones it’s like my life

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Nicolas J (nico*@*ail.com)

I’m a father of two, I started 6 years ago with electric heli’s and moved into fpv. Flying in remote wooded locations is a relaxing break from the stresses of life. Both my boys are

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Zachary K (kasa*@*ail.com)

Flying matters to me because it’s the only hobby that I have that allows for complete originality and a sense of control outside of myself. I started flying as a teenager because my dad gave

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Kevin Curnel (k.cu*@*ail.com)

It’s not just about building and flying, but the learning experience and the excitement and thrill of flying. It prompts and teaches critical thinking and problem solving skills. Not only does model aviation teach hands

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Racer T (troy*@*ail.com)

I am a race pilot. I generally only fly between 0 and 20 feet in altitude and only in designated locations. I think that a race pilot should be exempt from certain rules that don’t

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Marschal Fazio (mars*@*ail.com)

I have always been interested in Model and RC hobby. When I was a kid it was cost prohibitive to own anything other than a toy store RC and I carried that into adulthood, until

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Scott Stahley (duec*@*ail.com)

Grandfather flew model aircraft, father flew models and Hueys in the Army, now I fly. Flying has helped me work through my injuries sustained while serving in the military. I am working towards my BS

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