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Seattleite FPV (ragr*@*ook.com)

I have been in the RC modeling hobby for almost 10 years. I started flying miniature remote controlled helicopters, then advanced to progressively bigger helicopters as I developed my skills, and finally quadcopters as they

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This is about human rights, freedom and the current complete neglect of the US constitution that FAA and other US authorities are putting in place. Investigating journalism can no longer legally support their stories with

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I am an electrical engineering student and building homemade quad-copters has taught me many hands-on applicable electrical skills.

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A large part of my education came from building model aircraft and flying. The new requirements seem too much for an inexpensive diy hobby.

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I live a largely nomadic life & am frequently in very rural locations. I am studying to attain Part 107 certification so I am finally able to fly for hire. I plan to primarily capture

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Don Kyle (donk*@*ail.com)

I am retired and living on a fixed income, and in my location (Oahu, Hawaii) we have just one dedicated flying site. The field is technically located within the airspace of a nearby military airfield,

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I would like to be able to fly in my back yard at least. I don’t want to go to some reflectivity small place to fly my Mavic mini etc. I do not want to

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Jon McPhee (jtmc*@*ail.com)

I’m a disabled veteran on a fixed income. I have built and flown model aircraft since I was in grade school. Flying RC planes is a significant improvement in my life. The requirements for remote

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Flying is a constructive hobby that allows for the understanding of structural and electrical systems programming that allows the builder and pilot to get outside to enjoy the gratification of flying something they built .the

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George Purdy (worl*@*ail.com)

A Generation of Plantation to Aviation! Aviation is a void filler for our community in developing new jobs in Hawaii. Large agricultural business has left and so are the people leaving Hawaii.

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Marc Maestas (marc*@*ail.com)

I have been through various struggles and challenges throughout my lifetime, as I am sure most of us have. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease many years ago. The disease has been hard and very

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Flying is more than a hobby. Its a creative and social outlet. Building and flying aircraft that i have allows me an outlet that i may not otherwise have. having the ability to fly these

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