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Timothy Ott (taot*@*oud.com)

I really started to fly the past 12 months and I have my part 107. I am currently flying in remote areas to get training but I am concerned with the remote ID due to

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I have physical limitations and this hobby gets me outdoors in the very country that I’m a citizen in. It seems to me that the FAA needs to focus more on educating the people that

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Matt L (cryp*@*ail.com)

I’ve enjoyed the RC hobby since I could work the controls, and aircraft especially have been a great source of joy. However, I’ve only recently sunk my head into the world of FPV flying and

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CARMAFPV (carl*@*ail.com)

fpv flying is the most amazing experience, from the build to the fly, it will be killed, with these legislation, most of the innovations killed also. the bad practices, are bad practices no matter what

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I have always wanted to fly since childhood. Before I joined the Army, I wanted to join the Air Force. The Air Force did not except me. When I joined the Army, I wanted to

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It is a hobby outside that I can take my kids to enjoy that has low barriers to entry with scratch, amateur built airplanes that don’t break the bank if we wreck.

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I fly for recreation at my on flying site. I feel the current requirement of line of site flying is sufficient to avoid collisions.

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Di Kwad (dami*@*ail.com)

I have learned so much during my 3 years in the hobby, have been able to share my skills/knowledge with my children, have managed to tie it into my professional life through paid work, have

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Eric Gehr (gear*@*ail.com)

Flying Rc aicraft both fixed wing and multirotor on my personal property has been both a relaxing and rewarding hobby of mine for over 2 decades. I have shared the hobby with many interested children

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Andrew (Asch*@*ics.com)

I have severe anxiety and a very stressful job. Flying is my therapy, a way to shut off the noise for a few minutes at a time & just enjoy the moment.

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Andrew Leibold (drew*@*ail.com)

Flying small, model aircraft matters to me because it is a cheaper form of flight as opposed to getting a pilot’s license. Flying model aircraft is also a small foot in the door to what

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