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Dominic Flauto (domi*@*

I am disabled and cannot work. I build and fly my custom quadcopter to keep up to date with technology. I am concerned that innovation will be hindered by any additional regulations. There is current,

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It has been a way to bond with friends and learning from each other when building a quad, and then having fun flying it in a safe environment where we always use each other as

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Ivan Efimov (sqr.*@*

FPV is a great hobby connecting people. Commercial drone delivery needs just 50ft range, they don’t need all of the space. Mobile/web app for requesting area to fly would be enough to solve all possible

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Ryan Copeland (ryco*@*

I’m currently 41 years old. Have been doing RC cars since I was 14 years old and flying FPV for five years. This hobby has taught me valuable hands on maintenance, design, troubleshooting and technical

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David Cramer (no29*@*

Flying drones, fixed wing and multirotors, has been great for my entire family. We fly every time we get together. We’ve complied to every rule you’ve thrown our way. Adding this regulation will be too

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The freedom to fly and experience the hobby is something we shouldn’t legislate away from ourselves. Rules are good and needed in this hobby. However rules need to be reasonable and seek the intended outcome

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Flying matters to me because it has been able to stop my depression and anxiety and also dealing with multiple fears. If I didn’t find FPV and fall in love with it I would have

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Flying matters to my because it’s a way to relieve stress. It helps me with meeting new people and it’s a way to show art and express your self. It’s a way to connect and

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I have an extremely stressful job. Flying my planes is one of the very few ways I can escape the anxiety of my life for a while. I belong to a small club in town

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