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Robert Pitts (rpit*@*hoo.com)

Recreational flying with line of site restrictions should be allowed without any further requirements more than what is currently required. Don’t throw drones in with fixed wing aircraft that are not causing any problems.

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David Knutson (dave*@*ast.net)

I started rc flying 30 years ago with my father as something we could do together. Later I became an engineer and rc aircraft and controls became a means to learn and test engineering design.

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Kris Carlquist (kris*@*ail.com)

I fly traditional line of sight RC planes. I see remote ID adding complexity and cost. I also see the burden of regulation driving people out of the hobby or completely discouraging them from participating.

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Rick Johnson (rcbr*@*ail.com)

I have been flying RC for over 30 years. I have always been impressed by the advancement in technology in this hobby. I will be impacted so greatly by these initiatives from the FAA that

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Scott Duff (jsdi*@*ast.net)

I have been involved with model airplanes my entire life. It has been such a blessing in my life and has provided me with friendships and comraderie. Can’t image it getting more compicated and expensive

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larry ganter (fab_*@*ail.com)

Since a young boy I have been fascinated by radio controlled flight, The freedom to build and fly has always been a delight to me. Amature pilots have been the innovators who have advanced the

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Michael Blott (drbl*@*hoo.com)

I have been flying RC since I was 14 years old. Built my first radio from a kit. Hobby has fostered learning experiences/skills in every thing from physics, electronics, construction, designing to computer programming. It

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Bud D (depp*@*bal.net)

You can have everyone comply with all regulations BUT, just as in 2nd Admendment rights there will be those who will not comply under any circumstances.

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