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Len C (psyc*@*ail.com)

Model flying has been an important part of my relationship with my Dad since he got me involved in 1965. Even with me moving away and there being over 2,400 miles between us at times

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Randy Sena (cosp*@*ail.com)

My concerns are the the execution of remote ID actually increases the risk to flight safety and security. My position working on an Air Force base provides me a unique perspective to test The threat

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Thomas DeWeese (thom*@*ail.com)

I started building planes with my father 40 years ago, skipping head a decade in graduate school another student got me back into it with an electric glider, (which I never got very good at

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Lex_Dysia (john*@*gmx.net)

Promotes community, stimulates thinking & problem solving. It’s can be a stepping stone / enabler to STEM participation. Generally an unobtrusive hobby with limited impact on non participants & with a negligible environmental footprint.

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Ryan Baker (rbak*@*oud.com)

I got started with the hobby when I saw my first flite test video. This immediately hooked me and I have bought the tiny trainer, long EZ, flite test’s F-105, and the F4u Corsair. Recently

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Its the only hobby I have had for most of my life and it’s the only one I never fail to enjoy. I sincerely hope that anyone involved in the creation of these ridiculous regulations

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There have never been any casualties. Insurance is cheap because the hobby is extremely safe. There is no need to regulate and limit the freedom of hobby rc-flying any further at all.

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KC Sealock (eats*@*ail.com)

I have been flying multirotors all over the country for close to a decade, for recreational, commercial and educational purposes. Having worked with some of the largest drone programs in the country it has been

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