, Mendon

, Massachusetts

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-15 20:47:00
“I am a retired male living on a fixed income. My fixed income limits the things I can do to enjoy myself.Being able to build and fly my own models has helped to maintain peace and tranquility to my life. I do most of my flying in a large open field ( with permission ) that was at one time a small airport.Now with a fair amount of houses surrounding the area where I do fly I am greeted by the people of the neighborhood who are more than happy to stop by to watch me fly. I mostly fly alone so I am delighted when someone from the neighborhood stops by and shows interests in my hobby. Even though I fly alone I do maintain safety rules . I do fly LOS,under 400′,etc. and I am an active AMA member. I have been at this field for over five years and have never had or caused a problem. The new rules the FAA are trying to impose will pretty much end this hobby for me. The closest AMA flying field to me is over thirty minutes away from my home were as the field I fly at is under two minutes away. I enjoy flying five to six days a week. If I was to travel the this AMA recognized field this would be an added five to six hours a week I would have to travel. Did I mention I’m on a fixed income?. The expense to what the FAA is proposing would be the end of the hobby for me and probably many others.I do believe that the people of the FAA that are making up these rules have no idea of what this hobby is all about.If their rules do go into effect not much will change.The people who are flying recklessly and with no care about safety will still do the same. They are not going the to label their crafts knowing that if they are caught they will be in trouble.Take away our guns and only the bad guys will have guns–take away our right to fly and only the bad guys will be flying.”