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Giuseppe Agosta (agos*@*hoo.com)

Been flying forever , both children are flying under 6 yrs old and learning to build and think and design , fly my and neighbors surrounding property with full permission of property owners , nice

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Dr Nevin

Nevin (nev*@*.com)

I am Dr Nevin Leiby, DO, a board-certified full-time Emergency Physician in the busiest Emergency Department in Philadelphia. I am also the founder of the FPV Exchange, designed to permit pilots to buy and sell

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Brent Wolff (bren*@*hoo.com)

As a member of 4H and Civil Air Patrol working with youth, these rules would severly impact our mission. It is hard enough getting kids involved as it is, and adding unnecessary complexity would severly

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It is relaxing and fun. Does not cost a lot. You have to have your eyes in it constantly. This is big business. It will kill the hobby. Anes should not be pumped with drones.

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Rob McCarry (Fyrm*@*ail.com)

I am concerned about my personal safety when flying and to make my information public as well as my personal current location puts model aircraft operators at risk. Also the financial burden on the hobby

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Marty Chipkin (mchi*@*.rr.com)

I am president of an AMA flying club (AMA 5219), have the flying field on my own property – and have been involved with model aviation since 1962 when I built my first plane from

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Jozef Samu (33jo*@*ail.com)

As a military lawyer often I can not see direct results of my work. So building model lans from schratch provides to me a great satisfaction and feeling of accompishment. Fyling a model akrplane was

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Tory Sims (tory*@*ims.com)

Freedom to be in the sky. Aviation is in my blood. I’m a FAA licensed A&P mechanic. I love building almost as much as flying. With the proposed rules my hobby would be taken from

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I have had “my head in the clouds” most of my life , I had always dreamed of being a pilot . I almost actually acheived that through personal pilot training and got as far

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These new rules will ruin the hobby and cause loss of business and jobs. We are already starting to see pilots on forums claim the end of the hobby is coming and sales for retailers

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I enjoy flying in my backyard and the national forest around my house after snow storms and at sunrise and sunset. I have 20 acres and all my neighbors know that I fly and they

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