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Chris B (rand*@*ail.com)

FPV has changed my life. I suffer from mental health issues and since being able to fly I am much more stable. The hobby is responsible for that change. I would be drastically affected if

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Long time ago as a teenager a went to my local flyingfield. I didnt own any air craft myself, but i loved to listen to The old pilots when they talk about their homemade air

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Justin Lee (just*@*ail.com)

I have been flying and building multirotor quadcopters since 2014. In this time I have never had incident with either people on the ground or with manned aviation in the sky. All of my flying

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John Crager (john*@*ail.com)

How much additional regulation do we need. The regulations are designed for the people who fly outside of the law, it will not change their flying habits. As long as no one gets caught/find it

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Arthur Blodgett (artw*@*ail.com)

We flew for decades with just common sense regulations. I registered my drone with the fan with no problem, but I hate to see more complex rules and regulations. Maybe tougher penalty’s when people willfully

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Kenneth Zink (kenb*@*ast.net)

Came back to recreation RC hobby for relaxation after retirement after 42 years of military service and 36 years as a federal employee work at FAA TECHNICAL CENTER. I see the hobby diminish with extreme

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I was underage when I started and was sponsored and mentored by a teacher in a vocational aviation high school it gave me a better understanding of the physics involved a greater grasp of the

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Bert VanOstran (bvan*@*hoo.com)

I have had a love affair with aircraft and flying ever since I was a very young boy. I would draw pictures of planes at less that 5 years of age. I started building paper

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