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Donald Willie (dona*@*

Thank you for providing a forum for me to express my deep concern over the proposed rules regarding UAV. Aeromodeling has been in existence longer than full scale aircraft construction itself, some 120 years. The

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Brenden McCormick (bren*@*

I have submitted two responses to the FAA. Simply, separate drones and quad copters from fixed wing and heli. Separate the fact we fly from local parks and approved certified fields in visual line of

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Ever since I have started flying I have become more proficient with electronics. More specifically assembling or repairing drones that were hand built and configured. Additionally, flying has introduced me to many like minded people

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Stewart Allan (HUNN*@*

Model Aircraft flying is a hobby for me and a passion to fly Radio Controlled Scale model aircraft,and it is also healthy, Without Model Aircraft enthusiasm, there is pleasure,in designing one’s own models,and to fly

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Stephen Tanner (me+f*@*

I work for the state of Virginia, both writing software and flying drones. I also present to schools and student about drone technologies. If the Remote ID is implemted as proposed, students won’t be entering

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Radio control flight is recreational and educational for me. I enjoy designing and building things to fly and teaching others about techniques and flight and building things. I do multiple workshops every year sometimes with

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M L (info*@*

I have always been interested in the amazing act of flight. When I was 10 I found Flite Test and started the downward spiral into this great hobby. 2 years later after lots of extensive

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I have been flying model Aviation since I was 16yrs old. My father introduced me to model aviation. This is now my 19th year flying. My son has followed in my footsteps since the age

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Rick Sweeney (rixs*@*

I have been flying aerobatic competition pattern flying for over 30 years and is a passion. Please don’t take it away from us. The 400 foot limit would destroy our sporrp

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Pete Miles (pete*@*

I fly to have fun with fellow pilots we hold events to get more people interested in our hobby. Safety is our first concern. Multi-rotor aircraft should be different then fix wing aircraft where constant

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