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Cannon Arett (Cann*@*

Im 23 years old i have been batteling depression for the pasy 7 years very bad. Flying is the only hing that allows me to escape. Building drones planning flights and finsind spots to fly

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I was in a really bad motorcycle accident 2 years ago. I was in an extremely bad place. My friend introduced me to fpv and it set me free. I couldn’t move around much but

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Adriano CASEMIRO (adri*@*

I’ve been flying over the last 30 years or so, some hiatus included. Never had an issue as I’m always taking my models to unpopulated areas. The models themselves are pretty much harmless, little foam

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Ryan Davis (frau*@*

It’s a release, like some people own motorcycles, some own sports cars, some hunt etc. FPV is a release from the days/weeks grind. It’s also very educational to build something from nothing and it fly

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Mr Crowley (shaw*@*

The proposed policy will create financial burden, end the artistic video’s and flying as we know it, and eliminate all the current drones and equipment. Automobile accidents have killed a lot of people, but drones

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Jeffrey Persson (jeff*@*

As a hobby FPV pilot flying but also building and tuning drone equipment is part of my life. I feel the stated remoteID system will limit me in all aspects of this hobby. I do

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Joseph Saylor (plas*@*

I’ve flown radio control for 20 years. I have never seen, or been involved with a safety issue involved with full scale aviation. I believe that the FAA is doing this to pave the way

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Adam Jenkins (jenk*@*

I’m actually very new to the hobby. I’ve never been a tinkerer, or someone who has been fond of or good at putting things together, but quadcopters have introduced that to me and it has

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