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Randy Mertl (norc*@*

I live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. flying over the trees and across ridgtops is a freedom like nothing else. where I fly there is absolutely zero risk to any other sort of aircraft or

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Some people play golf, others sky dive. My thing is flying radio control airplanes. It’s a passion that has existed all my life. It’s something that gives me peace and a meaning in life. It

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LoneEagle-1 (lone*@*

Been a pilot/ model rockets since a very young age. I have been flying helicopter an drones since 2014. Im a FAA 107 pilot an just renewed. But I cant not see rules that effect

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AL Villalobos (biga*@*

I got in this to do this with my son and teach him about STEAM… not that it is in jeopardy… I am extremely upset with this encroachment of our freedoms in regards to what

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Steve Carlson (step*@*

I’ve been flying FPV for 17 years. In addition to being an R/C modeler, I am a private pilot, and by profession I am an Aerial Roboticist. My main interest in FPV is long-range thermal

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Aaron Koreny (atro*@*

I have always wanted to fly, pursuing manned flight lessons 15 years ago. Gas planes and helicopters were price inhibitive and hard to get information and flying help on. Later with the onset of electric

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Sean Davido (dday*@*

I have been a licensed 107 UAV pilot for 3 years and have followed the regulations closely. I do commercial work with some advanced systems and also build and fly as a hobby. My passion

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Charles Garcia (caga*@*

Note: The following are my personal views and do not reflect the views of the United States Navy. Model aviation was my only foothold in the world of aviation until I began my flight training

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RC has been a part of my life since birth. I have a photo of my father with a small radio controlled model he built himself with me sitting there by him at 1yrs old.

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Mark Legkun (mark*@*

Flying to me is a way to relax, enjoy the outdoors. My concern is that taking this away/adding so many restrictions will limit so many people, companies, brands to this hobby.We never intend any harm

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