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I have just got into the hobby of flying airplanes/drones and I understand that some people use the technology for bad but most use it for fun and education. Just because some use it in

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Martin Shaffer (msha*@*aol.com)

I have been building and flying model aircraft for 33 years. In that time myself and thousands of other aviation enthusiasts have been safely integrated into the national airspace without the need of fixed flying

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Ivan Shulgin (duck*@*ail.com)

FPV flying is my main hobby and a way to get some cash from small commercial shoots. If this regulation will be applied in US, and then, as usual, blindly copied by other countries (look

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Building flitetest planes has been a great way to get my daughters involved in stem. I love flying but don’t have the time or energy to drive to a club park or specific places. I

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Bob Dole (dani*@*ail.com)

Let us fly from 0ft to 400ft LOS and give your doners like Amazon and “Emergency service/deliver drone company’s” 400-1000ft Fixed wing can’t fly under 1000ft anyway and all it seems like you guys are

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I was flying long range planes and mini quads for years now. current regulations and the rumors of the futor ones are making me drift away from this hobby. They have no solid evidence that

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