Flite Test Community Association (FTCA) is an independent, non-profit organization that was created to cultivate the community development effort to promote the world of model aviation. FTCA’s desire is to share the joy, passion and knowledge about model aviation as our mission to make flight accessible to everyone.

As the aviation community has grown we have recognized that we need an ambassador for the community. Through this journey we have also learned that more people would like to be involved in the efforts to achieve the potential the hobby can reach!
This is where the FTCA comes in! The FTCA will be the hub where the people of the community can rally together to promote the future of model aviation. Our vision is simple, we want to bring hope for the future of the hobby. That is why our motto is “Bringing Hope to the Hobby.” Our plan for accomplishing and maintaining this monumental task is by providing the community with the necessary tools for success. 
Along with the tools for success the FTCA provides the essential requirements set forth by the government to actively participate in the hobby. As a member of the FTCA you will be a part of complying with the FAA model aviation standards for the hobby.
FTCA is in fact the community where you will find a place adhering to the government’s classification of a Community-Based Organization (CBO) by following these guidelines:
  • Operating having the recognition as a 501c3 non-profit organization
  • Providing a location (e.g., Edgewater Airpark), and events (e.g., Flite Fest, etc.)
  • Providing education and training for new and existing pilots and modelers
  • Effectively and responsibly representing and advocating for the community
  • Providing safety guidelines to use for flight
The guidelines above have not yet been implemented by the FAA, but they will be put into effect in the near future. FTCA wants to be ahead of the game when they do mandate them so our community members can continue to enjoy the hobby as we should.

The FTCA is dedicated to lowering the barrier of entry of getting people into the recreational flight hobby safely, legally and properly. It is our imperative that the current and future generation of aviation enthusiasts are able to enjoy everything that the rich history of model aviation has to offer as well as new emerging technology. 


Education, information and technology has made the hobby easier to access than ever before. Our passion is to help people get into the hobby without unnecessary burdens or regulations. Flight is such an incredible gift to share with others and it is our desire to make sure that everyone that is in the Flite Test community and beyond are able to access what makes it such a special activity.


This is why our motto is our mission! “Bringing Hope to the Hobby” is more than just a catchy phrase, it communicates the desire to see people impacted through building upon a common interest.

Government Advocacy

Flite Test has been committed to working with many organizations, including the FAA to help inform policy and the future of recreational flight. Over the past year, Flite Test has been spending time regularly in Washington on advisory panels and regulatory roundtables to help shape policy for the future of recreational flight. Your support helps us perpetuate our mission in a way that is sustainable and effective.

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A foundation of safety is one of the most valuable assets we can maintain when considering new policies that impact your average recreational enthusiast. FTCA will continue to promote and further develop its safety guidelines in cooperation with likeminded organizations. These guidelines are designed to respect the priority of manned aircraft and also sustain the high level of individual responsibly that all compliant users have maintained over the years.

The average recreational participate shouldn’t need to live in mystery or ambiguity about how to best operate when it comes to safe practices, airspace and legal requirements. The FTCA is uniquely positioned to help educate people in a way that is friendly, easy to understand and easy to share with others. Understanding how to comply with regulations and fly with a high safety standard should not be complicated or burdensome. The FTCA is dedicated to helping translate policy that can be complicated and difficult to understand to information that is easy to put into action.


Our unique approach to STEM programs has been helping schools and educators with tailored curriculums. Our commitment to Education is only growing, and we hope to introduce our curriculum to as many institutions and  homeschool organizations as we can, due to its incredible success among students and large diversity of skills it stimulates!


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Support and Partnerships

Your endorsement and support, either through volunteering, partnerships, donations or spreading the word – will give our initiatives a great chance to grow and have a more meaningful impact. 

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