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Bobby Ardakani (baba*@*

I love to fly. It’s an escape from the the current political system. It is a hobby that relaxes me and it is extremely fun. I am concerned that over regulation can harm people like

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Florent Roque (flor*@*

Flying, in all of it’s forms, is definitely one of the most important thing in my life. I began as a full scale glider pilot and RC enthusiast. After 12years of building and flying all

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Doug D (dell*@*

I have been interested in RC aircraft most of my life and consider myself to be a recreational pilot. I started flying about 10 years ago and learned how to fly by watching many you

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Austin A (fpv.*@*

It matters to me because it’s one of the last true bastions of freedom in this country. The proposed rule puts my freedom, privacy and personal well being at harm. Publicly available knowledge of the

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Phil (arct*@*

When I started multirorors I was at minimum wage job in a machine shop. I used my hobby of multirorors to learn cad design, 3d printing, soldering, flashing computer chips, just to name a few

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