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Bert VanOstran (bvan*@*

I have had a love affair with aircraft and flying ever since I was a very young boy. I would draw pictures of planes at less that 5 years of age. I started building paper

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Sami (samr*@*

I started flying a quite a few years ago, in seventh grade, with scratch built foam airplanes from plans. In the following years, I have become a better builder and designer, and a much better

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Richard Altekruse (ralt*@*

RC flying is a natural companion to my woodworking interests as well as my engineering background. As I age it provides mental stimulation to keep me active as well as providing the rationale for getting

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Thomas (tand*@*

Ive always been fascinated with flight – but when I was growing up it was always a hobby that was financially out of my family’s reach. Finding a way to build extremely inexpensive but great

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Jordan Massey (jord*@*

Some of the best times of my life have been creating and flying model aircraft with my friends and family. I started in middle school and continued all the way through to college, where I

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Tom (tom4*@*

I am a member of a CBO affiliated club, we have not had one safety issue concerning scale aircraft in our area. We fly under strict guidelines whether it’s powered rc craft, gliders or multi-rotors.

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Jason Garrood (jgar*@*

I have loved being involved casually in the RC hobby for most of my life. I have never really been interested in competing myself, though I have a little. What I really enjoy is seeing

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Craig Johnson (happ*@*

I fly strictly-dictly recreationally; due to my physical limitations (electric wheelchair) and financial restrictions (my income is a pitifully low disability stipend), my ability to comply with the proposed regulations may be limited. I fly

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Tony Bowkett (tony*@*

Hi My name is Tony, I’m a 43 year old guy who for the last 15 years have suffered from depression. I found it very hard to cope most days and apart from going to

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