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Andy Hegemann (andy*@*ail.com)

I started building and flying multi-rotors and fixed wings in highschool when my dad showed me his 2-meter sail-plane. I love the process behind designing, building and then testing your own little machine, THAT CAN

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James Powell (jami*@*hoo.com)

It’s family oriented and fun. It gets my kids out from behind video monitors and into something that helps them create and be productive. We meet great people through the hobby. It teaches my kids

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Brett (bret*@*ail.com)

Currently building my own drones for commercial use saving me THOUSANDS of dollars! I would not be able to do that if these rules go into effect. I am spending hundreds of dollars on a

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James Nolan (cool*@*ail.com)

I do flying as a hobby. It is pretty much the only thing I go outside for. If I didn’t get into model aviation I would be inside all day every day on my computer

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I am relatively new to the FPV hobby, but I absolutely LOVE it! It gives me a sense of freedom, fun and exhilaration. It’s something I can do when I have a little free time

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Flying became a rebirth of a dream when I found foam board and printable plans. That led to my first real success with model aviation after almost 30 years of trying. Flying fixed wing caused

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Purely hobby pilot that learned the hobby on my own. Adding regulations and requirements to fly would have turned me off to the hobby before I got started, won’t be effective or feasible for the

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Scott York (slyr*@*ail.com)

The FPV community I see are well educated and responsible people. These people are trying to become part of the community and are flying in vacant areas not going any higher than the tree line.

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