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eric evans (poor*@*

I am a single working father that used model aviation as a vessel to connect with and teach my son technical, social, and family skills that I felt would benefit him and his family to

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Chris (chri*@*

New to the fpv sport. I fly a drone i made! I learned so much about how these remote systems works. I know how my drone works and how to fix it when things break.

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It is difficult as is today. Additional restrictions would hinder following the hobby. I am a fixed wing flyer not drone, but helicopters have very similar flight patterns as drones.

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john beck (john*@*

Im old school, I love to build, fly and improve my creations. i dont fly drones, or anything out of sight. I have mostly flown at clubs. which are getting further from home with some

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Zbip57 (Zbip*@*

Where is the risk analysis demonstrating there is a need for these new regulations? Will regulations requiring publicly accessible remote ID of pilots be equally applicable to manned aviation (hot air balloons drifting over my

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I love to build my own aircraft. What fun would it be if I could not fly them at the local school yard with all the new rules proposed!

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Jason Smith (jaso*@*

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF), CBO and model aviation is not the threat and it never has been. I agree that some form of regulation is necessary for the commercial operator. I am a commercial

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Shanay Patel (shan*@*

The RC hobby is what i do best, this hobby is the best and easiest way for me to use my abilities in engineering and design to create something that fly’s. If it was not

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I’ve been in this hobby in one form or another since before I could ride a bicycle. It’s been there to take the edge off of life and allow a temporary escape from one’s daily

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I fly FPV quadcopters that I build by myself from raw parts. Thanks to FPV I could learn to put together a mechanical and electronical machine, for the first time in my life. I learned

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