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Remote flying was a childhood dream. I spent years saving what money I could make to build my first rc plane. It’s a very special experience for me and I must be allowed to pass

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Pepijn (pnij*@*ail.com)

I’m a father of two small boys with a full and busy life. To me, being able to pop out for an hour and fly my fpv dron in in a quiet corner somewhere local,

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Chris (co-c*@*ail.com)

RC flying has created numerous innovations throughout its lifespan. Many of those innovations are used by the very government attempting to restrict that hobby. This hobby allows people that are unable to fly the ability

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Childhood dreams achieved! Flying is a practised skill with enough learning curve and electronics work to keep it challenging and fun. A perfect geek hobby.

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Robert Lyman (bake*@*hoo.com)

Flying for my is a tiny vacation from everyday life. I’m teaching my kids about physics and engineering and how hard work can pay off with big rewards. RC is a blessing in this household

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Mark Danko (Dank*@*ast.net)

I started flying as a way of dealing. With depression 4 years ago. It gets me outside. It has since turned into a passion. Both of my kids are remote pilots we build planes together.

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