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Thomas Viele (viel*@*ail.com)

Flying has been a big part of my family. My grandfather flew mustangs in WW2. My aunt used to run the local airport for over a decade. While it’s not in the cards for me

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Most of us don’t understand the rules, what is being proposed and who it affects and which types of models are affected. This survey could have done better at explaining the rules in which it

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I’ve been a airplane modeller for more than 50 years and find these proposals ludicrous and would end my involvement in the hobby

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Minuteman Aloft (even*@*oud.com)

I have been flying fixed wing for more than sixty years and during this time I have mostly only flown at club sites and there has always been a self imposed code of safety and

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Eric D (eric*@*ail.com)

Hello my name is Eric and I’ve been flying fpv acro drones for the past 4 years. Becoming a drone pilot was never I thought in my head I kind of just fell into the

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Concerned Us citizen (Ivor*@*@me.com)

If they are worried about evil doing then they need to build defense systems for these areas. Airports, military bases, government buildings. All should be equipped with simple anti-aircraft defense systems. The technology is used

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Chris Ames (drka*@*ail.com)

I got into the hobby when DIY drones started becoming mainstream in 2014. Since then I’ve built over 20 of them and have introduced it to my children. It has been a great way to

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James Rock (jame*@*ail.com)

I’ve been flying rc aircraft most of my life one way or another. From spending time with my father as a kid building a nitro powered balsa plane, to having my daughter spot for me

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Yancy Smith (soni*@*ail.com)

I’m all for every property owner controlling the zero to two hundred feet airspace above them. I rarely fly above that attitude anyway. The Hobbiest was here first and has a proven track record of

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