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Ryan Harrell (virt*@*ail.com)

I’m a DIY builder, designer and engineer. It’s the DIY aspect of this hobby that is important to me, both from my own involvement and in how I see the role of this technology in

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I want to build and fly my toy that’s not gonna hurt anything or anybody outside please, it weighs less than a football , I Fly lower than a kite. Thanks

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FPV FTW (mehd*@*ail.com)

Did you ever flew safely next to hawk for miles ( 3 min really) The feeling of freedom and never seen before sight is just amazing Then as for racing part, name me one activity

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Kurtis Towery (kurt*@*oud.com)

Okay I have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and flying racing drones via FPV has giving me the ability to experience some things I never thought possible. Foremost the feeling of adrenaline that only comes from speed;

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tracy glenn (mont*@*ail.com)

Flying was something new and challenging at age 55 to keep my mind active. it’s an awful lot of fun. I am self-taught and continue to learn after 6 years in the hobby. I have

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I’m concerned that commercial interests like Amazon are behind the push for regulation in order to own the air for profit. Pushing aside the age old Radio Control Hobby which gives society most of it’s

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Vicente Suarez (vsua*@*l.co.uk)

I retired two years ago and I took the hobby building and flying Remote Control Quad-copters and Fix Wing planes. This hobby keeps my brain active and gives me the opportunity to meet and socialize

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Two years ago a friend introduced my son and I to fpv racing drones. In that time we have built together more than 15 aircraft and learned to fly together, sometimes with our “informal” group

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While I like the idea of this survey the big issue for me other than a lack of substantiated evidence of any “drone strike” is that for a wide part of the hobby footage of

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Luke Unger (u.lu*@*hoo.com)

I grew up watching my Dad fly nitro planes. I remember the smell and the sound vividly. We used to go to this local park where others would fly there as well. I loved watching

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