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Dennis Weatherly (jdwx*@*ail.com)

In addition to being a fun activity that I have enjoyed from childhood to today, model aviation has provided a vehicle for developing life skills that I have used throughout my home and work life.

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Nick C (nick*@*aol.com)

This whole situation is ridiculous, ultralight full scale aircraft can operate unlicensed, unregistered and unrestricted but my 2lb foam airplane poses a hazard???? Gimmie a break. Stop treating our planes, helis and quads as if

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Rick Davie (rick*@*ail.com)

Too many regulations on flying at designated AMA approved fields would destroy a very good hobby, I do believe the 3 or 4 blades drones that are not flying on approve fields should have stiffer

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My son has learned so much technology via building model aircraft including multirotor—physics,electronics,control systems etc. School district in our area had no course or extracurricular program in this area. All self taught via internet. Actively

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Doug Kevis (reef*@*zon.net)

Flying is a hobby to me that can’t be replaced. My passion is all things that fly, and since I can’t afford to fly Full size aircraft, as the government has already made this overly

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Mike Barrington (acce*@*ail.com)

This is a freedom we enjoy, I have a passion for rc flight, I build my own FPV drones etc. Most of us fly responsibly, WHY cant they compromise and allow commercial drones, (delivery etc)

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I am 15 years old. I don’t have the resources to comply with these new regulations. I also don’t have a flying field to fly at. I fly for the fun of it cause I

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Tom Stansmore (t.st*@*.spb.ru)

Building and flying radio-controlled model airplanes is something my 13 year old son and I enjoy doing together. The fact that so much can be learned through the hobby about aerodynamics, electronics, and physics and

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Jon Olsen (flit*@*kes.com)

I am a recreational hobbiest that flies amature-built model aircraft ranging in the 0.3-0.75 lbs weight range, and fly within 300ft and line-of-sight only. Typically these models are built using household materials like foam board

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