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Ed (edna*@*ail.com)

I has been a learning experience and enjoyable hobby. it provides mental stimulation and relaxation. it also encourages kids to get involved and interested in flying, building, engineering and photography to name a few areas.

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Thomas Brennan (tbre*@*ast.net)

It is a hobby to me. All my life I have built flying models. If you want to penalize anyone for drones go hey the offenders that are professionals and idiots and leave the average

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Doug Tracy (dbtr*@*cox.net)

Relaxing, fun hobby. Retired and fly during the day at a park that’s almost always completely empty. Adding all the tracking/ID would require large upgrade and cost to equipment I’ve purchased over the years.

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RC flying is great hobby for young people and educational. We all need to pass this on to our younger generation without the FAA sticking their nose in something they can never police. They could

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Simon Saucy (simo*@*ail.com)

Fly for me is a way to get out and have fun with friends. It’s something to build a bond with my family and kids. not only that it is part of my job. Without

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FPV is more than flying. It’s bonding with my daughters, teaching them about electronics and aviation. My 5 year old wants to be an astronaut when she grows up. Having a hobby that can reinforce

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Noah (caff*@*ail.com)

Flying matter to me because my family has been doin it for 3 generations. All we do is have fun. Nothing weird is going on and we aren’t hurting or endangering anything or anyone. Met

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olof ekbergh (olof*@*eav.com)

I am a GA Pilot that loves all aviation and I like teaching both on simulators and RC planes. I am the president of our local AMA club with a great field. We do STEM

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Dennis Ward (dwar*@*ail.com)

I’ve been flying for over 50 years. The vast majority of pilots have always operated in a safe manner? It makes no sense to penalize majority of pilots because of the recent flood of RTF

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Martin Glynn (mart*@*rcn.com)

I have had a interest in model aviation from the age of 10. I attendend an aviation trades high school, and became a helicopter mechanic/crewchief in the army. I worked for Grumman Aircraft, and National

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I am a full scale pilot that no longer flys due to cost. I use RC flying as a way to stay engaged in aviation. It is also a hobby that I enjoy and use

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