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Jack Hamilton (Scor*@*

Aeromodelling has been in existence longer than full scale aircraft construction itself, some 120 years. The Wright brothers and their contemporaries certainly built and flew models before they attempted manned flight. The quest for flight

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Christopher D (kris*@*

I love foam model flying, quad or multirotor and light park flyers and occasionally help a farmer track land. These restrictions are getting ridiculous. If i have to comply with what all is proposed i

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Chris Mitchell (mitc*@*

Because of model aviation I’m now a private pilot to be …the commercial pilot Industry is already suffering..taking away model aviation will only keep kids away from learning and enjoying aviation and possibly becoming airline

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I’m not the most experienced pilot, however, I believe that amateur builds under 55lbs, under 400 feet and within line of site should not be restricted. Any flight outside of that should constitute a part107

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Mark McGregor (kb9k*@*

I live in a remote area in the country. I have 15 acres and fly over my own property. The 400 foot restriction wouldn’t even cover all of my own land. The proposed restrictions are

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Eric Coleson (ecol*@*

I’m a life-long career aviation professional (pilot, mechanic. & engineer) whose attraction to the occupation was fueled by early model building and flying model aircraft. I can’t count the number of colleagues I’ve worked with

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Kim Anson (kans*@*

I fly for fun, always have my planes in view, sometimes at park, other times at a club field, occasionally at an AMA sanctioned event. I have very limited funds, only one radio and one

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I’ve flown rc’s for over 10 years and fpv for 4 years. I have my remote pilot’s license and I fly both recreationally and professionally. I feel the proposed regulations put am entirely undue burden

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