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Dean Hallal (dkha*@*c-i.net)

I only enjoy it as a hobby and not that frequently. I love the feeling of accomplishment I get by building something to perform a certain way and make it so. I also share this

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Serge (serg*@*ail.com)

Flying RC Models allows me to learn and increase my skills that can transfer outside of hobby (engineering, electronics, aeronautics, materials, 3D printing). Allows me to meet new people from around the world and exchange

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We are a group of hobbyist from different proffesion, mostly proffesional and are aware about the dangera our hobby might cause. We strictly adhere to the club rules

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This is a lifetime activity for me that has been safe, educational, and a social dorway to mee many interesting folks. I was recently asked to be a technical advisor for two separate CAP (Civil

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Cody Taylor (cody*@*ail.com)

I like to study everything. memorize, understand, assimilate info. I have studied the info involved in this field and many others like it. The concerns being raised in this issue are over-inflated by people with

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JOHN RITCHIE (john*@*ctc.net)

I have been building and flying many varieties of model airplanes since 1949. I do not understand the sudden need for draconian regulation of a pastime that has benefited so many people and harmed so

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Karl Borman (karl*@*ail.com)

I am a private pilot who also works in the aviation industry. I would likely never have been interested or followed through with my career in aviation if I hadn’t been introduced at an early

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Bryon Trott (bryo*@*msn.com)

I have flown RC for years. All electric aircraft never gas. Fly responsibly and like fly alone in unpopulated places. I would miss flying if these rules are enacted.

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Dennis Paul (near*@*hoo.com)

I’m 70 years old. Model building/flying keeps me active both in mind and body. It’s not right due to just a few creeps out there to restrict everyone from enjoying their hobbies.

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Oskar (oska*@*1@wp.pl)

I love flying my fpv drone,I’m a new pilot and i want to get fun with it.I have spend a lot of money on my quad and they want me to spend more and more

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