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John Lichtenstein (writ*@*

I’m I life-long airplane junkie turned air traffic controller. When I was younger, and really even now, model aviation was my outlet to safely and cheaply try ideas, to have something that flew, and to

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Doug Elsass (elsa*@*

I’m new to flying these restriction could ruin it for a lot of people. Why should we be penalized for Amazons desire to save on delivery fees. Shut them down

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I am retired from 42 years in the aerospace sector. I have been an RC pilot for most of those years because of my interest in flight. These regulations and requirements will NOT PREVENT anyone

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Hobby since childhood, now in retirement and teaching others to fly. I never have had any interest in FPV or drone flying, and have no intention to do so. All my planes are fixed wing

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chris (chri*@*

I grew up in an aviation family, my dad was a pilot in world war II and we owned a private plane growing up, as such I was exposed to aviation at a very early

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I fly on my property or on open field with permission why should it matter to the Gov. More regulations means more money.

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Mike Spring (spri*@*

I got into Flying RC after I retired in 2002, (had previously built and flown one plane in 1972 while stationed at Ft. Hood, TX but always wanted to get back into the hobby). I

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Bob Mosinski (bob.*@*

My aircraft hobby is one of the only things left that brings me great joy in my life. I would hate to see this taken away from me and others. Whatever COMMERCIAL entities are trying

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Roman Becher (roma*@*

I am an 18 year old young man. I love designing, building, and flying remotely controlled airplanes and drones. My passion for flight and building has led me to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering.

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Robert Taylor (tayl*@*

This is a hobby that I just got into a few years ago and want to be able to continue flying without the extra expense and complications that this will have. I do not make

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I have flown for 35 years, will fly rogue if necessary, they cannot inforce regulations. If the police are doing the inforcement, they won’t care.

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