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Jack Delamater (rexm*@*ail.com)

I have always had a huge passion for flying and have loved it since I was little. This has been the only way I can truly gat airborne. I love designing and building things and

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Much of the U.S. is rural and sparsely populated. Where I live we barely have reliable cell service and my internet is limited to a DSL connection. I own a 200 acre farm and these

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Jack (no@n*@*@no.com)

I’m recovering from extreme anxiety that has kept me house bound for 6yrs! Having something I put time in researching, planning to create plans and then building and tweaking them. Has created enough emotional investment

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I am a teenager who want to get into model flying and become a real pilot but don’t have that much money so all off my planes are home built

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I have been a rc pilot since the age of 13. (I am now 56) I have no interest in joining a club so that I my fly my planes, I never have in the

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Troy Gould (f150*@*ail.com)

Flying drones is what I do for a living and also what I do as a hobby. With all the FAA laws imposed to be set into action, Drone rookie pilots will not conform nor

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Flying has brought me together with other like minded people who are just looking to have fun on the weekends. Honestly all of the proposed new restrictions will likely have me sell my gear and

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Bernd Nurnberger (bn@g*@*gol.com)

If we compare risks to the public from UAS (drones) with automobiles, we can draw analogies backed up by a century of regulatory and commercial experience. Under 250g is like bicycles. Use almost anywhere. Cover

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John (swit*@*ing.com)

I am just getting started with my journey into flying drones. Primarily to add interesting video to my YouTube efforts. My goal is to share video of the world I live in which is rural

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Joe Stolz (stsg*@*ail.com)

Modeling is already a hurt because of many reasons. When I’m able to teach a child how to build and fly their own creations the look on the faces as they fill with joy and

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