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Craig Siegmann (cvsi*@*

This hobby is something I use to have social interaction with my small group of friends. I am 36 and the range of friends that fly with Me are High School to retirement age, I

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Jim Graves (jimg*@*

I fly a multitude of disciplines. I have always been respectful and contentious. Without incident in 10 years. I believe in education (maybe a course or test of sorts before you are allowed to fly)

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Eric Haddad (eric*@*

I was first introduced to flying RC models at the age of 12 and it is a hobby I have been passionate about for 23 years. My dad and I flew RC airplanes every weekend

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Vincent Vice (Very*@*

Flying FPV drones have changed my life in a significant way. For the first time in a long time I have a hobby to express myself and relax after long days of work. I now

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Dan Galasso (dgal*@*

Flying model aircraft has been an instrumental tool in bonding with my special needs son and helping him to develop social and analytical skills he would normally be denied. I’ve been building and flying model

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Mike Valletti (mtvu*@*

I’ve been flying since I was 14, approximately 43 years with no issues or accidents involving others. While regulation is necessary given the new drone environment and issues it’s causing I feel those who limit

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Mark Erickson (megi*@*

Traditional RC airplanes have a good safety record and are not a danger when flown line of sight. The rules as written don’t allow flying at other than CBO approved flying sites for non ID

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David Thomas (dave*@*

I travel around the world for work and only fly occasionally as a hobby. I am familiar with flight maps and applications used in various places. I don’t see why there shouldn’t be an incorporation

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David Martin (dwma*@*

So far, I’ve complied with all requirements and at this point it’s enough. One thing I think would benefit the hobby is a knowledge test before you are allow to purchase any drone/ multicopter. Right

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Brian Kugler (kugd*@*

It is a great learning experience for my kids. Gets them out of the house to spend quality time with their dad. It is a great stress reliever as a hobby! Because of this hobby

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Le Vap (pave*@*

Been interested in airplanes my whole life. Can afford full scale aircraft. RC airplanes is my passion. Multirotor drones in hands of unskilled operators flying them everywhere but registered flying fields are the big problem!

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Roy Creiglow (thef*@*

I have been flying Model aircraft for more than 70 yrs, and have never had an accident that caused damage to another persons property. In addition, I am a general aviation pilot, and have flown

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