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Ryan Joans (sick*@*

I enjoy everything about flight. I’ve taught multiple people to fly and some have even started careers in the UAS industry. These regulations are FAR too burdensome to model aviation and absolutely need to be

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TJ Muck (tjm2*@*

I use the hobby to learn about the electronics and technology used, mostly building my own crafts. I do most of my flying on my parents 34 acre property outside the city.

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Flying helped me get through some dark times when I was suicidal. It is a healthy and creative outlet and has led me to meet some of the most amazing people in the hobby. Without

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Jerry S (jerr*@*

I have been flying for the better part of twelve years. It’s a hobby that my father-in-law got me into and we bonded over. I like to think a big part of our relationship is

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Alexis (adau*@*

Personally, I don’t fly, but my dad has an enormous passion for it. I haven’t seen him so excited about a hobby in a long time, and he’s been participating in it for a few

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Lilith Gutler (lili*@*

FPV has given me a peace that I can only achieve in flight. When I am under the goggles there is no PTSD or pain. Please don’t take away my ability to feel normal, if

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Criss Carter (g4m3*@*

My grandpa introduced me to fpv flying/water/ground in 2013. (Grandpa is a retired naval pilot then teacher.) We spent weeks building and designing a balsa wood plane. I have enjoyed passing the passion for designing

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Personally flying for me is a way to relax and just enjoy scenery. I am student in college and it can be very stressful but racing and flying just provides and easy way for me

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