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John (jcin*@*ail.com)

There is great personal accomplishment and growth that comes with building, learning, and flying drones. Flying really motivates me to get outside and explore, and connect with like minded individuals who love to share the

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Chris Mouw (c.mo*@*hoo.com)

I never actually had a hobby that I was excited about everyday. I dream about flying. I thrive in being able to build my own quadcopter and airplanes. Picking out motors and other components, designing

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Aaron Albitz (aalb*@*ier.com)

Flying and building is important to me because it teaches me, pushes me to learn, helps me to socialize with many people around the world. I have made many friends through this hobby. I also

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This is my personal time when I can enjoy the hobby and be with myself. When I can study new technologies and try them. When I can teach my kids about drones and they help

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Tom Hastie (tom.*@*ail.com)

Model aircraft turned into a career for me. I am now a full scale pilot and have a degree in aeronautical engineering and work in the industry because of it.

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Curtis Stofer (curt*@*ail.com)

I started flying model airplanes with my dad when I was around 12 or so. Flying models for us is partly for fun and partly a form of practice for flying real airplanes which I

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Andy Ciordia (andy*@*abs.com)

I’m 43, my son is 9. We build our own aircraft and fly them at areas that have low to no population. We educate others that ask, we educate others at programs for schools. These

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Keith Palazzola (sebb*@*ail.com)

I have flown and built commercial hybrid electric uas. I also fly for fun and sport. The FAA is overreaching as these smaller aircraft pose no threat as seen by fatalities and incidence, as recorded

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Charles Rahn (chuk*@*ail.com)

If I could relay a message to the FAA I suppose it would be this. I support RID as a concept in the interest of advancing the industry and improving security and airspace safety. Simply

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Micah Morton (ftca*@*tnw.org)

Something with as high of a safety rating over 60 years shouldn’t be regulated more than manned aviation which has a horrific safety record and continues to shame aviation.

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