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Flying is mostly all to me. But thankfully, for now (Slovakia), there are no ridiculous rules like the FAA ones that are proposed to USA. I wouldn’t wish that to anyone.

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Robert Jensen (bigr*@*ail.com)

Flying is a hobby that is enjoyed my many. It has taught me several things in both electronics, engineering and programming that i would not have learned without being in the hobby. My young daughters

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I have now flown quadcopters for over 5 years. 1 year of that was mostly research into electronics and what was required knowledge to fly these self built quadcopters. The amount of knowledge I have

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Adam Youmans (elit*@*ail.com)

I’m disabled I use the hobby as a stress relief I spend time with my children an wife we go flying on the weekends together we are always safe .an with 6 kids an all

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Joe Scully (joe@*@*igp.com)

These additional measures are unwarranted and unnecessary, and extreme in terms of the technologically required to adhere. The UAS industry is comprised mostly of hobbyists, and these measures could impose significant costs on the model

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I have PTSD and use FPV as a hobby to get me away from my trauma. This would impact my mental health if not able to take part in.

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Byron Thurston (byro*@*ail.com)

Our local FPV Drone Racing club brings people together and give opportunities to less advantaged. We have members in wheel chairs and young kids that participate in our race events. This hobby gives them an

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Paul Pastecchi (ppas*@*ail.com)

For me It´s a lifestyle!!!, I love to design and fly my own models (Helicopters, multi-rotors, planes, etc), 35 years ago I was already doing aerial photography and then filming, I was one of the

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Ira Vick (ira@*@*llc.com)

I got into fpv 6 years ago I have never bought a ready to fly aircraft I have always built my own from scratch. When I got I to this I was suffering from depression

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Alex Dunda (dund*@*ail.com)

Flying is so incredibly important to me. I have met so many wonderful people and it would be awful for this law to burden these relationships I’ve created. I am 15 and have been flying

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I’m pationate about this hobby. I think this an unnecesary burden for all of us. Forcing these rules will ground most if not all of us, and not only FPV, but also LOS airplanes that

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