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James G (v8bu*@*hoo.com)

I’m a 4th generation model aviator. I’m concerned that the new rules would limit the ability of future and current flyers to continue enjoying the hobby. I’ve tried my best to stay current in my

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Clint Collins (clin*@*@me.com)

I have been in LOVE with Aviation since I was about 6 years old. I am 37 right now and have been chasing after anything to do with Aviation my whole life. I wanted to

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David Story (davi*@*hoo.com)

We have fun designing and building our own planes, and flying them together at local fields. We have our FAA numbers on all our planes, and are responsible for them. We hold each other responsible.

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Todd Beal (mazd*@*hoo.com)

Well let’s see here. I been disabled for the past 7 years, I used to be a racer at the local tracks. Till I all most hurt ppl from passing out at my job at

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Robert Windsor (rwin*@*ail.com)

If you enforce present rules there would be no concerns ! But it only happens when there is a conflict. We as a hobby are already safe. Children shouldn’t be operating out side aircraft without

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Here we go again, where is the justification for all these restrictions. if there out there i have not seen or read of them. is the FAA exempt from a risk assessment to justify there

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I have a great passion for the hobby my father has been involved in the hobby a long time so I enjoy having a hobby that we both can enjoy together.i have also made a

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Brandon Harmon (Bran*@*ric.com)

I have been flying as my only hobby for over 20 years. I fly everything from small airplanes you can hold in your hand, to large 30+lbs gas airplanes. I don’t see why you can’t

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Timothy Schultz (Tims*@*ook.com)

I’m an aerial photographer for my school. capturing games, and outdoor activities at my school. I also want the get a race quad someday. If the rule goes into place. My dream job would be

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Larry (labs*@*one.net)

This new remote ID rule will destroy the RC Airplane Hobby. The added cost will price out those who enjoy theHobby of model aviation on low and or fixed budgets. The added weight of additional

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