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It brought me closer to my son. It is about the only activity that could get him away from the computer. We enjoyed many drone races together. I also enjoy building my on designs and

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Baz Durrant (zenz*@*

I enjoy flying and being able to do so free of too much bull shit that is, regulations used in too general a way, that are more applicable to more professional or commercial situations. For

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Drewskie S. (cold*@*

It started with model rockets for me then I moved in to the air powerd air hogs, then i got the rc air hogs planes ( ones with the long steel antenna and the single

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i enjoy flying because of the people you meet and the kids you can encourage and how it can inspire them. All of us that have ama and belong to flying clubs i feel are

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Since childhood I have been fascinated with flight. Building model planes was a challenge and special interest. Taking away my dreams of flight would change the way I view the world. The world is regulated

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Abhi Weltig (ahwe*@*

i love to do it in my free time because it is so easy to do in my backyard. The new regulations would restrict me from doing what I love on y property. I believe

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D’Wayne Erwin (derw*@*

My name is Larry D’Wayne Erwin and I want to submit my information concerning Remote Identification of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. I am 53 years old and have been flying for 46 years. I have held

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Nathan Figlio (mtnp*@*

Aviation has been a part of most of my 57 years. Safe , proper operation of any aerial device either RC, autonomous or full sized is paramount to my views as a responsible pilot. We

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I’ve always loved aviation, but exceptionally poor eyesight (-10.0 prescription myopia) meant I could never pursue a career in flying. The advent of FPV changed all that, and allowed me to experience flying in a

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Joel Hebert (hebe*@*

Model aviation is one of my main forms of recreation. I’ve also contributed to the community in the form of teaching kids about aviation and contributing to STEM programs.

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