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G Scott Hedges (gsco*@*cox.net)

I am new to RC flying and do so on a limited budget. A requirement that includes costs anywhere near what the FAA briefed to the US House and Senate subcommittee on Aviation – would

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Grum (grum*@*ond.com)

I like it, we are all old we have a good time and present no risk to anybody, and we do not wish to have restrictions placed on us because of a minority of fools

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Aaron (aarc*@*ail.com)

I am an electrical engineer who at least was interested in RC planes (I built a few from foam boards) but have currently completely left the RC plane/flight hobby because of regulation concerns. My intentions

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Chris Gifkins (nzgi*@*ail.com)

I have loved Helicopters for years. Wanted to be a pilot but with the cost involved it just wasn’t going to happen. I finally had enough money to by a RC Helicopter and I was

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Martijn (mart*@*rds.com)

I love building small lightweight aircraft, fixed wing electrics. I fly over my property, 6 acres rural area, and at the beaches or mountains. No GPS, telemetry, etc , just bare bones basic aircraft. I

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Shannon Coles (depc*@*ail.com)

This is a hobby for me to enjoy and learn to build drones and connect with my child and community and educate them as to what drones are. At first when the height requirement was

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I have been in and out of the hobby but first got into the hobby when I was 10 flying the anycopter. I had to sell it due to money complications. Now I am trying

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David Spoor (davi*@*oor.net)

Becoming involved with model flying (age 14) has lead to the following life experiences over the last 50 years: * Became an licensed amateur radio operator – learned RF systems and electronics as a teen

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