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David Jester (jest*@*

There are very few safty problems with the hobby the way it is and has been for a long time why mess with something that’s not broken. There is no good to come of what

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A Strong (pain*@*

I have been in the hobby for 13 years now, and it has been my career for the past 5 years. Not only is RID a extreme step to hinder a relatively safe and incident

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Terry Wiles (terr*@*

I started flying 15 years ago as a stress relever from owning a business. Over the years the hobby has gone from enjoyment and past time to literally a gigantic part of my life. My

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kyle wolff (kyle*@*

I like flying because me and my grandpa always go to the swap meets and I love flying with him if they made remote-id a thing i would have to stop because of budget

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John Davis (john*@*

I work 60 hours a week it is my unwind time to forget about work and helped me stop drinking and smoking . It has made me a healthier person and also a better father.

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I have been interested in aviation since the age of 8 when I got my first ride in an airplane. I got into the rc hobby in my teens, worked in aviation in the US

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John Cox (john*@*

As an AMA member, I believe safety thg is being managed pretty well. I have 10-15 flyable aircraft and l ok se 3 or 4 a year due to crashed. The expense of RID equipment

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Michael Rapp (mich*@*

There is a clear delineation between fixed wing recreational flyers and commercial quad operations commonly called “drones.” Like many, I have been an aircraft modeler for over 50 years with multiple starts and stops as

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James Zanetti (zane*@*

No differation between GPS controller aircraft ( that are the ptoblem ) and visually controlled aircraft. R.C. aircraft have been responsibly flown for over 70 years, need no new restrictions. R. C. aircraft are the

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