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Ian (ghan*@*

I have been involved in the hobby through peaks and troughs for nearly 20 years now. The hobby is struggling and has for some time and the last thing I want is to be forced

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Anthony Townsend (pump*@*

Most of my models are light weight, the extra weight will be a significant penalty on performance and complexity. Hobbyists abide by rules, the restrictions should be place on craft that are NOT in manual

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I am a hobbyist on a fixed income. You’re going to force me out of my hobby with costly and useless regulations to prohibit actions that are already illegal. There are already notification in the

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Jeff Venable (vena*@*

Ive always been a recreational pilot. I started in the 60s with my Dad. He was an air traffic controller in the military and this was our fun together. Models, rubber band flight and later

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As a teacher, building airplanes and multirotor aircraft with my students is an extremely effective means of moving students towards STEM degrees and higher level education. This proposal would make this process impossible and take

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I’m regular guy who works 40 plus hours a week. I mostly enjoy spending my time with my wife and kids. Whenever I feel some stress from daily life I work on my mini quad

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