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Roger Tinder (rtin*@*

Modeling hooked me on aviation, and led me to a fantastic career as an operational, then functional test and evaluation KC-135 pilot in the USAF. Upon my retirement I went back to school to get

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Ronny Welter (work*@*

I got fpv drones because it combines my passion for engineering, visual arts, video editing, exploring the world, meeting new people and the rush of adrenaline when flying near abandoned places and doing acrobatics. The

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Chris Turner (ctur*@*

UAVS are a cutting edge technical field and free and unrestricted access should be maintained to ensure that the United States retains it’s position in the world. These regulations would accomplish one thing only, immediately

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John White (john*@*

I am a teacher at a tech center and plan/organize one of the largest k-12 educational drone competitions in the United States, last year we had over 600 students participate. I am also currently being

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Aeryck (aery*@*

Started flying model aircraft when my brother lived on a lake; we flew float planes in front of his house. Then came the interest in fpv fixed wing, getting that “birds eye view” while flying.

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Brad Jackson (brad*@*

I’m an active Airline Transport Pilot and certificated part 107 sUAS pilot. I love flying both at my day job and in my hobby. RemoteID would all but eliminate my ability to fly my drones,

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Jim Krisovitch (kris*@*

The prospect of airspace on private property being controlled at mere feet is ridiculous and every person I talk to about this is shocked that it is even being attempted(including non pilot/RC people). I am

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