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Hjalmar Martinson (shar*@*

My planes/drones consist of foam, Maybe wood ,soft metals like aluminium, hard metals like steel, screws, nuts, bolts, plastic, electronics and a motor. Why would this be regulated??? I cause do danger to anybody, i

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Fritz (frit*@*

I am 84 years old and have gotten into the Hobby 2 years ago. It gets me out of the house and makes me much more healthy than being a couch potato. Walking bending thinking

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This is something my dad did with his dad. Now this is something i do with mine. Its a hobby that has been passed down for generations in my family and i want to be

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Richard Martin (mech*@*

I am finding the hobby requirements to be extremely burdonsome. My clubs does are 125 per year plus metro park fee….plus ama. Each public field has a club fee. Additional requirements will not guarantee people

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Jay McGuire (jmcg*@*

I discovered FPV quadcopters in 2016 watching a Youtube suggested video. When I was a teenager I tried to fly remote controlled airplanes and enjoyed it but my eyesight made it very difficult to fly

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Randall Reis (reis*@*

Well after i had a heart attack in 2016, I got into flying drones (quads) which led me to start building them, I’ve been doing ever since the love of this hobby keep me going!

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Daniel Frese (dani*@*

I have been into RC flying for over 40 years. I build most of my UAVs during the winter months and fly when weather permits the rest of the year. I recently retired and was

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Dan W (whis*@*

I fly mostly recreational however I am Part 107 certified. I would support a broadcast Identification system. I do not support an internet identification system due to the cost of equipment, fees that will surely

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