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D. Greco (Domi*@*ape.net)

I don’t know a time in my life when I wasn’t involved in model aviation. My father’s love for flight got me interested at a young age and the time we spent building and flying

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Ethan Humphrey (eth.*@*ail.com)

Flying Quadcopters is more or less an escape from reality. I fly several times a week after school or work at my near by park. I never fly if there are people enjoying the park

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My reasons are simple, self satisfying and personal. However, You need to be looking at the big big picture. Think about every pilot you know. They all got their start as a child, tossing chuck

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Bryon Johnson (bjoh*@*ail.com)

I have just recently became financially capable of enjoying this hobby after years of standing on the sidelines with envy. I have invested money in equipment and invested time in getting educated in flying safely.

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James Mikel (pigf*@*ail.com)

I’m 50 years old. Always wanted to fly. Dreamed of flying. As a kid, I couldn’t afford to get into the hobby. 5 years ago the “cost of entry” became very reasonable especially with the

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As an educator and member of Civil Air Patrol, it has been my passion and privilege to bring youth, ages 6-18, into the world of aviation. One of the best way to get students interested

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Flying is a window into a world not many get to see day to day. It can be as vast as beautiful landscapes or as confined as one’s backyard. Safety is of course always important

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Jacob Chadwick (slee*@*ail.com)

Flying has changed my life. As many people I have met since starting this hobby 4 years ago. Took me a year to start building my own aircraft and I’ve become so art arched since.

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Matt Westervelt (matt*@*hoo.com)

Flight is a dream and always will be. The only way to make it a reality is to start with an understanding. This “hobby” is how we educate everyone interested, with a very real hands

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