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Paul Smith (pgol*@*ail.com)

Scratch building a remote control plane is a way for me to bond with my children. We build it together, we decorate it together and we fly it together. Scratch building allows us to be

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Lander (land*@*mac.com)

I’ve been flying for over a decade now and I think these restrictions shouldn’t apply to recreational flying. I understand that some regulations should be made for commercial use, but these shouldn’t apply to recreational

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RC Flight, to me, is a way to relax and escape the everyday pressures and stress. It allows me to experience camaraderie and friendship with others who share the same passion for flight. I have

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Jack Valepre (Jack*@*ail.com)

Flying is my hobby and my STRESS FREE zone! Why should flying a plane or quad around a field be restricted?? And, it is not only the flying but I so much love scratch building

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It matters a lot to me even though I don’t live in the US as flying drone is part of my career. Im 30 years old and quit my job three years ago to travel

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I believe this is very impactful on the hobby in a negative way. How does it make sense that i will be unable to fly a hobby grade toy in my back yard or at

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Been an avid flyer for 20+ years. Most of my time at the local club. I can support registering aircraft much like full size personal aircraft. However adding this additional equipment will burden this hobby,

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Vince Preuss (vept*@*ail.com)

This is a hobby that’s been around for over 80 years with no impact on public safety. In an age where it’s difficult to pry kids away from social media, gaming, and all things internet…

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Tim Ashby (tima*@*ail.com)

Hello, I have been building model aircraft since the late 60’s. This has been a wonderful hobby, I have met and flown with many very nice people over the years, it’s too bad that a

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