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James (jfra*@*ail.com)

Building and flying fpv quads got me into electronics. It got me into the career I’m in. I’ve learned a lot since I started and I believe it’s a great way to teach kids about

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Freedom. I’ve never found anything like FPV flying and flying drones in general, that offers me the release it does. FPV flying is my sanity. It’s sad that it has come to this and we

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Flying is an amazing feeling. I’ve always wanted to be a pilot. This allows me to satisfy my desire to be in the air

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Sean Scott (sean*@*att.net)

I’m a single father that works all day and would like to come home and be able to fly I don’t want nobody to know I’m flying I don’t need nobody to know my identity

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What little time I’m able to get away from life, I love to spend in the air. I have enjoyed flying from a young age and would hate to see it go away.

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N B (Nick*@*ook.com)

RC flying, epecially FPV, has been the best hobby I’ve ever been around. It has given me interest in soldering, electronics, HAM radio, programming, all while letting me have a feeling of flight and dreaming

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I started flying FPV quadcopters about a year and a half ago. I love building them. It lets me apply the skills I’ve learned over 25 years in building and racing RC cars. I like

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Marco Antonio (junk*@*nio.com)

I just started flying delta wings and fly DJI drones on occasion. It is a nice stress reliever and great hobby. I don’t do drugs of any sort but flying makes me feel euphoric. Don’t

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It is a way for me to employ my brain and mechanical talents that isn’t directly related to my major field of work. It allows me to experience flight first person when I fly FPV.

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I’ve been into RC for about 20 years. The last five years I’ve been building and flying multirotors. I use this hobby as a relaxation tool.

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