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Gus (gusr*@*

Most of the people I know comply with present rules and restrictions at present.However there are some people that don’t use self discipline and I don’t think they will if additional rules are added.These are

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Erik Gruber (erik*@*

I am currently disabled dealing with foot bone issues for the past several years, but I have been flying FPV racing drones since early 2016. My good friend flies mostly fixed wing and I enjoy

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Ben Martens (jotf*@*

I’m a dad of a six year old who is very excited about the hobby. As he gets older, he’s more and more interested in spending time with his friends instead of me, but this

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started building and flying line controlled planes in grade school after i finally wrecked my cox texan and have been doing it ever since. 55yrs. got into remote control now drones. this sounds like more

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Stephen Lair (svla*@*

I have flown RC aircraft for over a decade and never once caused property damage or personal injury. These proposed regulations are an invasion of privacy, unnecessarily restrictive and financially punitive. If enacted as written,

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Wayne (wran*@*

I have spent my entire adult life working and raising a family with very little time to dedicate to Hobbies. Now that I am approaching the retirement years I started again in this hobby about

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Richard Streeter (ben.*@*

I am an engineer in a large part due to my fun and educational experience with the r/c hobby. Since my youth these hobbies have already been in decline due to the time and skills

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