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carlton Bennett (carl*@*fpv.com)

As a disabled veteran, I rely on FPV and mini quads to help me with 25 years of chronic pain from injuries sustained in the U.S. Army. Medications have proven to not really help and

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Andrew King (bree*@*ail.com)

After taking a free Young Eagles flight in a small float plane, with wheels, at our local airport when I was 11 years old I decided that flying was what I wanted to do someday.

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The FAA has refused to release any information that supports a need for legislation. There have been no known drone deaths and only minor injuries (or property damage). At best the FAA is preparing for

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Ryan (Rich*@*hoo.com)

I found FPV flight just a few years ago. I work multiple jobs in order to support myself and my wife. FPV on Sunday is my break from the craziness of work. I am afraid

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Jason Saltzman (jers*@*ail.com)

Flying is my stress relief. Everything else melts away when im flying. No worries no concerns. Just pure joy. I do believe gps drones and long range craft should have remote id. If you plan

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This is a hobby I have enjoyed since I was 10 years old. It is what got me interested in aviation and powered flight. The technical aspects keeps my mind sharp and helps me with

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Adam Avis (itse*@*hoo.com)

Flying has made a big impact on my adhd and has taught me patience and keeps my brain working hard with builds and computer knowledge views that r amazing that warm my heart and keep

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It is one of the few outdoor activities that capture my attention and motivate me to explore my environment as well as venture into new environments. It has taught me soldering skills, programming skills, basic

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My father and several uncles introduced me to aviation at a very early age. I have been an avid participant and/or spectator since. Eventually, I became a pilot and flew corporate aircraft for a local

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Brian K (bria*@*rum.com)

A majority of the problems caused with RC aircraft/drones come from people who don’t know the existing rules, or those who willingly disregard them. Adding restrictions like remote ID is not going to stop people

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Manuel Rivera (mrfm*@*ail.com)

I think it is necessary to control drone flights as cars are identified. But the data should not be public and location of the pilot should not be public except for the official authority. The

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