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There’s nothing in my life that I’ve done that brings me the joy that flying brings. Since I was a child I wanted to be a pilot and this allows me to have some of

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Bob Roogi (kaba*@*ail.com)

I’m a dentist. I was in a horrible accident and broke all limbs and specifically my hand I work with. I was told I may not be able to move my hand again let alone

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Flying FPV as I do away from populated sites while extremely therapeutic for me, generally has no effect on any other members of the public nor does it present any physical danger or privacy issues

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Zen Savona (texe*@*ail.com)

To me, FPV flying is like skateboarding was in the past – a mostly harmless way to build community and spend time doing something productive together. There is little to no evidence that this kind

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Flying is an escape for me. Ive been jailed, ive committed multiple felonies, and i just didnt know what i wanted in life. Since finding fpv ive had an escape i can turn to and

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Jon (jonr*@*ail.com)

I’ve enjoyed Radio controlled craft from Cars, Trucks,Boats, Planes, Helicopters, Gliders, and drones for 25+ years. I don’t intend to comply with any upcoming regulations from the FAA. I fly in a safe, controlled manner,

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Edgar Jamison (ejam*@*ail.com)

Flying let’s me escape the worries of the day and really enjoy myself. This hobby has brought me closer to people, brought me new friends, thought me new skills and many memories I’ll never forget.

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Zack Salazar (zack*@*ail.com)

Flying is a harmless outlet formosr if not all pilots. Remote ID is taking away a hobby that so many people all over the country live and enjoy. Taking away a hobby that teaches people

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