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YZ Zhong (gzho*@*

FPV and RC are my passion, it is not only a hobby or passion but my lifestyle, it is the thing that I want to keep doing for my entire life. I just can’t imagine

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I have been flying model aircraft since elementary school. It was instrumental in me choosing to be an aeronautical engineer. I have been an AMA member for a number of years and fly safely within

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I’ve earned my Private pilots license due to the RC hobby.. Very much like most Aviation pilots!! A few bad Apples should not be responsible for taking down the rest of the community.

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Douglas Morris (DMor*@*

I was a toddler (1950) peeking over the edge of Dad’s card table as he built his planes CL/ Speed & Stunt). He taught me to make strips and join scraps. I built rubber, Jetex,

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Steve McKeown (spam*@*

My participation in this hobby goes back to my childhood. I’ve been building and flying models since I can remember, and I’m 68 now. Aviation has been my vocation and avocation all my life. Model

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Don R (reim*@*

I have been flying for 3 years. I enjoy it. I fly when I can. I have a family with young kids, so I don’t often have time. I would never be able to get

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