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Raandall Harbin (rand*@*ast.net)

RC flight is a major hobby in my life, most of my free time is spent building or flying, I also fly with extreme care and caution around people and objects. More rules on the

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Steven (stev*@*ail.com)

It’s not just any hobby every part of it is a passion. Not only flying, not only the building but also the community, the feeling of pioneering innovative ideas. Being able to exite children for

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Nathan Goldsmith (ggna*@*ail.com)

As a freestyle fpv pilot, exploring the world with my drone is the most amazing feeling. The sense of accomplishment from flight, the difficulty in learning the hobby, have all really improved my life. The

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Being part of this hobby has given me an opportunity to find relaxation and at times remove myself from the stress of everyday life. To not be able to partake in the hobby would be

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This is the only form of flying that a am currently allowed to enjoy. Flying was a life long dream, that has been reduced to only model avaition

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Brett Jacobs (fpva*@*ail.com)

Hello my name is Brett Jacobs Ive been in the hobby of fpv for 5 years and remote control ever since I could walk. My father guided me into the hobby loving every moment of

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Josh (wild*@*ail.com)

Flying is a freedom of expression, and the knowledge obtained from building your own air craft through iteration and perseverance is invaluable for future engineers.

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I grew up with a fascination with Aviation and Model Airplanes. My father was into it and I remember spending time with him teaching me how to cover an old Piper Cub he had built

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Bob (racu*@*ail.com)

I have grown up flying rc planes, which I am passing down to my children. I teaches them design and fabrication skills, as well as patience. It is something we just do on our farm

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Peter Donk (pete*@*aol.com)

RC flying has been a life-long passion. I have spent thousands of hours building and flying all sorts of large-scale models and the proposed legislation threatens to end a hobby that has always been a

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