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Ryan Carter (ryan*@*ail.com)

I’m able to have a hobby to challenge my STEM mind that isn’t large scale. Fpv gives a nice flying experience that I’ll probably never be able to enjoy.

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Johnathan Lee (fpv.*@*ail.com)

Being able to fly freely is what helps me relax. It’s my get a way from stress and day to day small business owner headaches. Having to comply with remote Id would pretty much kill

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Ryan Quellet (rque*@*ail.com)

Flying is an escape from day to day life. I’m lucky to be able to fly without the financial burden of a full size plane and pilots training. Building my own drone taught me many

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Chris Gripeos (cgri*@*ail.com)

We are in an age where children are now raised to be consumers that just buy new stuff and thrown them away and replace them when they manifest even the smallest flaws. We need hobbies,

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Viggo Koch (koch*@*ail.com)

2014 i starded building my own multirotors (9″ props) and it was the greatest hobby ever. I learned many useful skills like soldering, fiberglass composite work and some basic programming to name a few. I

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Tim (timb*@*oud.com)

Flying means everything to me. It’s become my therapy ,improved my social interactions, made me use my brain more, I’ve become competitive in sport flying, learned new skills, gets me out of the house, has

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Captian Crash FPV (spam*@*ail.com)

The educational benefits are enormous. Our youth will have to compete on the world stage. I don”t need to register my guns, I wont register my quads PERIOD! remote id. same argument. i will not

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Clint Lee (leec*@*ail.com)

I started flying fpv because the government has cracked down on car modification and tracks are shutting down left and right. This is something for me to get my adrenaline fix cheaply and safely. It

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You are on course to destroy my hobby (fpv quads). A hobby that teaches discipline engineering and takes years to master. To date there have been zero deaths due to my hobby. Guns have less

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Darrin Leist (onro*@*aol.com)

I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the Hobby and peripheral learning opportunities it’s provided such as Electronics aerodynamics mechanics mathematics and Engineering skills.

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