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Ken S (ken_*@*

Since I can’t afford to fly a full sized plane, fpv gives me the sensation of flight at a reasonable cost. FYI – I’ve been flying remote controlled aircraft on and off for over 40

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Cass Weidemueller (cass*@*

I love all forms of aviation. I’m a father with 3 daughters, and they also appreciate these amazing marvels. I have built many of my own fixed wing and quad aircrafts. I am 107 certified.

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roland corbeil (part*@*

in the late 80’s , i suffered an injury causing restrictions in sports and other hobbies. by chance i found we had a locale rc flying field and was welcomed by the club members, was

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Michael Roznick (supe*@*

I grew up flying full scale aircraft and learned to fly RC airplanes and helicopters in college. The lessons learned from designing and flying models greatly impacted my understanding of structures, propulsion, and aerodynamics, eventually

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Liam McM (liam*@*

It is somewhat confusing to do this survey, but its in the nature of these proposed laws to be confusing, there is so much overlap. at present I fly several smaller drones (off the shelf

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Neil Zhu (neil*@*

Please don’t use remote id, this would kill this hobby and kill the drone technology of America. My hobby is build and design rc airplane I want to be aerospace engineer Remote id will really

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JON (75me*@*

My grandpa was huge into free flight in the early 50’s.. He had all kinds of trophies and set some records in the club. He made all his planes from scratch. And that was passed

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Robert Seif (rwse*@*

I am a former Naval Aviator and Naval Flight Instructor. I did two tours flying A-6E Intruders from the Kitty Hawk and Nimitz around the time where the USS Stark was hit by an Iraqi

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