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Daniel S (dan.*@*ail.com)

I love to build and fly my own aircraft, it’s crazy to me that the government would want to take away a hobby that has inspired thousands of young people to go into aviation or

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Sven Kochsiek (s.ko*@*@web.de)

No human bring has been killed by recreational drone flyers, as far as I know. Only bad accidents have been (as far as I know) with heavy gas models or high performance competition gliders. Regrestratin

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Donald (dhea*@*hoo.com)

i started flying with my father many years ago when he bought me my first cheap indoor drone. from there i built my own racing drone and got fvp gear. than i tried fixed wing

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Have been flying since 1988. It’s a key hobby in my retirement. I fly line-of-sight only and believe the safety issues are primarily with drone-copters using FPV. They should address that limited aspect of the

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Chad Cushway (chad*@*ail.com)

I was introduced to flying last year. I had had a heart attack and went into depression. It was really not a good place in my life. I by chance discovered FPV and drones. I

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I started flying with the intent of creating a photography business. Instead I found a deep hobby that I can sink into and get tech on. For me the build is just as important as

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StevieG (sray*@*ail.com)

I have always loved flight. I own and operate my own business that requires manual labor. Since I started flying rc I have learned new skills and enjoy using my mind to overcome interesting challenges.

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Cody Sisk (bass*@*ail.com)

I recently introduced FPV drones to my dad who is paraplegic. It is one of the few outdoor activities we can share because of his limited mobility. I am supportive of HAM licensing requirements and

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Bernd Buchwald (bern*@*steo.de)

Flying RC is a time not spend thinking about everyday chores and problems. It is a great way to unlock hidden talents with all the electronics involved and the craftsmanship needed to homebuild a Model

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MB FPV (mark*@*ail.com)

after 45 years of flying rc models with no problems i feel we all know the politics of the 400ft airspace and will not register any of my flying craft we need the small light

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E. Smith (eric*@*hoo.com)

I don’t feel this is good for the recreational flyer. 99% of all pilots already follow the regulations in place. From what I’ve seen, it’s the guys with the DJI style drones that cause most

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